Echoes of the Collapse

Echoes of the Collapse (2012-2013)

"In August 1991, while living in Vladikavkaz, Russia, my family watched on an old television screen as the tanks rolled over the Red Square in what is now known as the “August Coup”, a civil action to take over the government. Ultimately it led to the final dissolution of the Soviet Union and ushered in the last stage of the Collapse – the tragic ending of an ideological experiment. As the Iron Curtain fell, a mass migration of refuges spread all over the world from under the dying carcass of the Soviet monster in search of better life. These people including my family are the Echoes of the Collapse.

At its core this project represents the issues of identity, displacement and cultural loss, as well as my desire to commemorate the personal struggles and sacrifices of my family.

The Collapse is an important historical event, which becomes a central element and the reason for my family’s displacement. Empires rise and fall creating displaced individuals like my family. These displaced parties represent Echoes of the former ideals, thrown around the world. If anything can be learned from this Collapse, it is the fact that another Collapse in another part of the world will happen - history will repeat itself.

The central character in Echoes of the Collapse is an unnamed soldier. He represents a part of myself that has been lost in time. His presence is a reaction to the slow disappearance and loss of my mother-culture, a culture that no longer exists. For as long as the candle burns as in A Soldier With No Name, my memory of the former ideals and sacrifices will remain strong." 

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